At Porterbuddy, we value high ethical standards in everything we do, as well as those we collaborate with. We comply with all legislative standards in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including in areas such as privacy, corruption and money laundering. We have zero tolerance for any criminal behaviour or activity. We also strive for the highest standards in all areas important to the industry we operate in:

Environment and sustainability

We aim to take the lead in environment and sustainability. The environment and sustainability are always at the forefront of our decisions, including in the assessment of our carbon footprint. We work to ensure that 100% of our "last mile" deliveries are zero emissions. In Norway, we will have achieved zero emissions by July 2022. We will develop and use new technology to optimize efficiency and sustainability.

HSE and work environment

We strive for a transparent and responsible corporate culture with a  good working environment where we have a high degree of responsibility. Our transport  assignments must be feasible within the couriers’ working hours, receipt of goods must be  designed and arranged so that the couriers have a safe work environment and the couriers must  use high visibility vests when collecting and delivering goods. We set requirements for systematic  HSE work with our collaborators and will prioritize those who have high ambitions and good  results when it comes to health, environment and safety.

Wage and working conditions

Our courier partners (suppliers) shall be guaranteed a good and  justifiable compensation for their services and at least the same or better hourly wage than the  minimum standard in the transportation industry for comparable services. The couriers we use must be employed by a Norwegian registered company or be registered as self-employed in  Norway. We will facilitate good working conditions and assess these conditions on a regular basis.  This is done in the form of regular background checks. The couriers we use must also have the  requisite insurances in place, appropriate for the damage and strain that may occur on goods,  vehicles and personnel.

Diversity, inclusion and privacy

We expect our business and those we collaborate with to  contribute to diversity, gender balance and equality in all employee groups that are part of our  expanding business. Equality shall be the basis for recruitment, career development and  collaboration, and privacy rights shall be respected.

Trust, transparency and fair competition

Porterbuddy demands honesty, transparency and  integrity in every part of our business. Our key business terms/terms and conditions are publicly  available and accessible on our website. We shall also promote fair competition in line with good  business practice and counteract any behaviour contrary to this, including refraining from giving or  receiving any gift, commission, service or other benefits that are likely to affect our own or others’  behaviour in an improper manner.


We will proactively work to ensure compliance with key standards in accordance  with applicable laws and regulations as well as our own Code of Conduct. Our Code will be  introduced at the start of every new collaboration and shall form an integral part of our binding  agreements. The Code shall also be a part of any training we offer to our own staff as well as the  staff of those we collaborate with. We also welcome feedback on our staff's compliance with the Office translation from Norwegian. In the event of discrepancies the Norwegian version shall prevail Code as well as the staff of those we collaborate with, and will facilitate feedback notifications,  including the use of a notification channel. Any notifications received will be followed up within a reasonable time.

This Code of Conduct is part of Porterbuddy’s systematic work to ensure a good and ethical business  execution and shall therefore be assessed regularly. The Code was most recently updated in May 2021.

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